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Here, in fifa15-coin.com, we have already introduced all FUTers the 55 nominees of FUT 15 TOTY. Besides, we have also presented some amazing promotions celebrating TOTY by offering from 3% to 5% discounts for cheap fifa 15 coins . And now, it is still necessary to talk further about TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Tea in terms of Frequently Asked Questions.

Find your answers to the most asked questions about TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team.
Q: When EA announced the TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team?
A: January 12th, 2014.

Q: How the TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is born?
A: Instead of chosen by EA Sport, TOTY players are mainly chosen by the votes of hundreds of thousands of professional players members at FIFPro which is well known as the worldwide representative organization for all professional football players.

Q: Where the TOTY will be announced?
A: The very first-hand news about the TOTY players will be initially released in the FIFA FIFPro World XI at the Ballon D’Or ceremony at Zurich’s Kongresshaus. During that exciting moment we will post the TOTY of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team in our website.

Q: How many defenders, midfielders and forwards have the TOTY?
A: The TOTY is actually built from a shortlist with 55 nominees in a 4-3-3 formation.

Q: What color are these cards?
A: It is only the Blue cards

Q: Should I sell my cards now?
A: No one can fairly confirm how the market will be after the TOTY final release. In fact, the prices have already started dropping during the New Year and the trend should continue if EA Sports eventually make 100k packs available. Remember one thing: just sell cards to buy FIFA Coins via fifa15-coin.com, a best FIFA coins site.

Q: How much will these cards cost?
A: Nobody can quite sure about the exact pricing ranges, maybe from hundreds of thousands of coins to several millions coins. Where to buy FIFA coins? Just come to fifa15-coin.com.

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