FUT 15 TOTY Trading Guide:Double your money

So I’m not sure if you’ve heard but many people are investing into consumables. Now many people are probably thinking as more people do it the less effective this method will be, which is correct but the reality is everyone buys consumables and unlike IF Players (which many people also invest in) they will not be re-listed once bought! This means that when the full TOTY is released many people will be buying packs and consumables will be at there cheapest. On Xbox squad fitness cards for example are currently selling at BIN’s of 1,300. In a few weeks, maybe a month depending on how many people doing this method squad fitness cards will rise to around 2,000 FIFA coins. Now, if your not aware you can have as many items as you want in your watch list as long as your buy the cards by a bid, and leave them there.




This method is extremely safe as squad fitness will not fall lower after TOTY. This means at the very worst say you are picking them up for 1000 coins, selling at 1,300 will still be making you a profit!

Extra Tips:
1).PATIENCE! This is not a buy and list straight away method. You will have to wait at least 1-2 weeks so be prepared to have your money tied up in there.
2).Do not get carried away in bid wars, refuse to pay more than what you can buy it now at.
3).Do not panic sell your cards unless you will get at least your money back and you want out.

Price to sell at
t really depend son how patient you want to be. If you want all of them gone within 5 minutes then search for the cheapest on the market by searching gold, min price bin, and keep bumping the max price up till you see them on the first page. If you want to get a bit more for them you could always just list them up with 2,500 BIN’s or something and as you list loads up at once a few of them each time you list will probably sell.

Time to sell at
I’m not sure if you know but players are generally more expensive last at night or early mornings(for BINs) but this simply is not the case for fitness cards (give or take 100 coins). The ideal time to sell would be during the peak hours of the day when the majority of people are playing the game. 4PM-9PM GMT. You also will want to make sure a happy hour is not on as this will reduce the priced temporarily. Hope this helped everyone.


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